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Can there be an Ether?

Before we begin our discussion about the existence of the “Ether” we first need to define what the Ether is? When I talk about the Ether, what I am talking about the medium for the propagation of light. It is my opinion that light propagates through a medium and I call this medium Ether, sometimes spelled like this Aether, or like this Æther. The Michelson-Morley experiment is often sited as PROOF that the Ether doesn’t exist. Whenever I have a conversation with someone (anyone) about “the Ether “, the first thing they say is: “Don’t you know that the MM-Experiment …

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The Principle of Incommensurability

The Principle of Incommensurability plays a huge role in theOMparticle cosmology. If you can understand The Principle, then you will be able to understand me better too. The Principle itself is a kind of language. It is a meta-language that encompasses all the other languages. Computer scientists might call it a base class for scientific languages. Regardless of what it is called, “The Principle of Incommensurability” itself needs to be clearly defined. So let’s start with some definitions. Principle:[prinsəpəl]: A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behaviour or for a chain of …

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The Fractal Debate

Since the introduction of fractals by Benoit Mandelbrot, the fractal nature of the universe has become a hotly debated topic. On the one hand, the standard model of cosmology requires that matter be evenly distributed throughout the cosmos. This allows cosmologists to model the universe using Einstein’s theory of general relativity. On the other hand, matter in the universe does appear to clump together in a self-similar, fractal manner. As such, a truly fractal universe has not been ruled out. First it must be said that there are no tools or methods that can be used to directly detect “fractality” with any certainty. The box counting …

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