Defining my Terms

In order to have a cosmology that is understandable and “explainable”, all terms in the cosmology must be defined clearly and unambiguously. By defining all my terms in terms of the concept of change, I was able to them boil down to their first principles. This is as simple as it gets. Anyone can understand these terms the way I define them. First, I will give you all definitions, then I will explain each one in more detail. This may take some “time” but it will be worth it.

Change: The act or instance of making or becoming different.

Stasis: That which is not changing.

Time: An emergent property of change. A perception or sensation of change.

Oscillation: Cyclic change.

Frequency: Repeatable cyclic change.

Clock: Continuous, repeatable cyclic change.

Clock Time: A quantification of repeatable cyclic change.

Displacement: Change in position.

Motion: Continuous change in position.

Velocity: Change in position per unit of clock time.

Acceleration: Change in velocity per unit of clock time.

Rotation: Change in angle.

Spin: Continuous change in angle about an axis.

Orbit: Continuous change in angle about an object.

Resistance: That which prevents change.

Conductance: That which encourages change.

Inertia: Resistance of change.

Action: The agent of change.

Entropy: Irreversible change.

Evolution: Continuous irreversible change.

Aging: Continuous irreversible change.

Spontaneity: Unexpected change.

Transient: Temporary change.

Transformation: The process of change.

Transition: A change of state or condition of a system.

Potential: Future change.

Kinetic: That which is changing.

Equilibrium: Predictable change.

Chaos: Unpredictable change.

Energy: That which enables change. {That which fuels change.}

Force: That which initiates change.

Work: The manifestation of change.

Power: The delivery of change.

Impulse: Sudden change.

Capacitance: Resistance to change in voltage.

Inductance: Resistance to change in current.

Calculus: The language of change.

Delta: The mathematical symbol for change.

Experience: The sensation or observation of change.

Past: Change that has already occurred.

Future: Change that hasn’t happened yet.

Motivation: Desire for change.

Instinct: Reaction to change.

Realism: Realization that change exists.

Existentialism: The will to manifest change.

Suffering: In inability to accept change.

Life: Temporary, unknowable irreversible change.

Universe: Permanent, unknowable irreversible change.

Everything: All of the above.

There may be more terms that I have forgotten so I will keep this list up to date as more concepts come into my field of view.

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