Motivation for a Fractal Cosmology

Meteorologists were the first to recognise the importance of fractals in nature. Edward Lorenz was studying the famous Lorenz Attractor when he discovered the very important concept of “sensitivity to initial conditions”, otherwise known as the Butterfly Effect.

Lorenz Attractor

Biologists were next to realise that fractals were everywhere in nature; from the human vasculature systems, to the structures of trees and plants, and more recently, in the dynamics of our heart beats, brain waves, and even in DNA itself. Fractal patterns have also been found at the quantum level as seen in the Yazdani experiments and in the quantum Hall effect. Most areas of science have embraced the Fractal Paradigm as an integral FEATURE of the systems they study.

Cosmology seems to be the last holdout in recognising the importance of fractals and their relationship to the formation and evolution of the Universe we observe. Fractals are actually annoying to the legacy cosmologists which is why they keep trying to prove that the universe isn’t fractal. Fractals are not a prediction of relativity for example. But here’s the thing. We cannot absolutely answer the question “Is the universe a Fractal?”. We can only answer the question “CAN the universe be Fractal?”. If we LET the universe be Fractal right off the top, then what does that buy us?

As you can see, I am asking fundamentally different questions. CAN the universe be Fractal? CAN there be a model of the universe where fractals are a prediction? Is this model simpler mathematically than the legacy models? CAN this model be used to explain the the universe better than the legacy paradigm. CAN the complex patterns (morphologies) of the universe we observe be better explained from the perspective of the Fractal Paradigm? What if relativity, dark matter and dark energy are an emergent property of fractal geometry? Can quantum mechanics be better understood from this perspective? These are the question I am asking.

I am asking similar questions about the “Ether” (and by Ether, I am talking about the MEDIUM for the propagation of light). CAN there be an Ether? In other words, CAN there exist a model of the universe where the Ether exists? CAN this model explain things better than the legacy models? Is this model mathematically simpler than the legacy models? And last but not least, Is there a place where the Ether mode and Fractal Paradigm meet? It is my opinion that the answer to all these questions is yes, but it is up to me to prove it to you… not absolutely… but beyond a reasonable doubt.

Today we are at a crossroads. Cosmology is being presented with a challenge. I (FractalWoman) am taking on this cosmological challenge with a new idea; a new language and a new approach that EMBRACES the Fractal Paradigm.

Embrace the Fractal Paradigm


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