ITerations are a powerful tool used in math and science to generate complex structures commonly known as fractals. Both the ITcoin and theOMparticle NFT projects are founded in the concept of ITeration.

History of ITcoin and theOMparticle NFT

What are ITCoins

ITeration coins (ITcoins) are founded on the concept of iteration. Buddhabrot is a well-known example of an iterative fractal pattern. It is an closely related to (and an emergent property of) the most famous fractal, the Mandelbrot Set. Generating a single Buddhabrot requires hundreds of millions of iterations, making it a valuable benchmark for our project. In order to quantify the number of iterations required, we have introduced the concept of an ITeration coin (ITcoin), where each ITcoin represents a single iteration of the Buddhabrot structure.

This is our Gold Standard.

1 ITeration = 1 ITcoin


Our coins will be in a fixed supply. That means there will never be more than 215,369,860 coins. This corresponds to the exact number of iterations that it took to generate the Buddhabrot for theOMparticle NFT project.

Mint ITerations

  • Supply – fixed supply of 1,245 in theOMparticle Genesis Collection
  • ITcoin Presale – Sold out at 15ETH Hard Cap. 
  • Presale NFTs (Complete) – every wallet that participated in the pre-sale will get 1 free MINT.
  •  FREE NFT MINT (theOMparticle Genesis mint) – July 30th 2023
    • 1 FREE OMparticle per 200,000 ITcoin STAKED
    • Earn OMcoin Rewards for Staking = Future Giveways, mints and more…
  • Snapshots – two snapshots will be taken.
    • theOMparticle MINT Snapshot (Saturday, July 29, 2023 at 11:59 EST.)
    • ITcoin Airdrop Snapshot (approximately 14 days after Genesis mint sells out) – this will allow the public to buy OMparticles off the secondary markets and still be eligible for the ITcoin Airdrop.
  • ITcoin Airdrop – approximately 14 days after theOMparticle mint sells out, each OMparticle holder will be Air-dropped X amount of ITcoins based on theOMparticle iterations (aka rarity). The holder must also hold a minimum of 200,000 ITcoins staked.
    • Ex. The OMparticle below will be eligible for 187,751 ITcoins.

What are OMparticles?

OMparticles can be thought of as the “particles” that make up the Buddhabrot figure. Buddhabrot is generated via thousands of OMparticles and each OMparticle takes thousands of iterations.

ITcoins -> OMparticles -> Buddhabrot

theOMparitlces themselves produce beautiful shapes and forms which are reminiscent of cosmological objects such as planetary nebula and galaxy clusters. This surprising discovery is what inspired FractalWoman to develop an alternative cosmology based on the fractal nature of the universe and write a paper called “The Mandelbrot Set as a Quasi-Black Hole“.

theOMparticle Genesis Collection

To generate the ITcoin Buddhabrot, 5555 high iteration OMparticles were MINED from the EVENT HORIZON of the Mandelbrot Set. A subset of these were selected and colorized by FractalWoman and a subset of those were chosen for theOMparticle Genesis Collection.

The Genesis Collection contains 10% of max supply of ITcoins.

The iterations in the collection range from 4000 – 300000 iterations per OMparticle. The inherent variability and one-of-a kind exclusivity of OMparticles are what make them such a fascinating and exciting addition to the world of generative NFTs.


When you take thousands of OMparticles and “add” them together, an image appears that looks strikingly like a seated Buddha figure. One Buddhabrot is made from thousands of OMparticles and each OMparticle takes thousands of iterations go generate. This is generative art in the truest sense.

MINT an OMparticle from our collection

for your chance to win a beautiful 1/1 Buddhabrot worth 1.618 M ITcoins. 


  • ITcoin Token Creation
  • theOMparticle NFT Launch
  • Community Building and additional project launches.
  • Send Phygital NFTs to Mars with Elon

Coming soon…


Be part of the equation.

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$ITcoin is a utility token for theOMparticle ecosystem. It is an expression of art and science and has no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return.

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