theOMparticle is an expose on the fractal nature of the Universe that combines scientific, philosophical and spiritual thought into a simple, cohesive and universal framework. From quantum, to cosmos; from the physical to the metaphysical, the fractal paradigm teaches us something new and fundamental about the creation and evolution of an ever changing, never ending Fractal Universe.

“Every point in space and time is different, unique and special.”


The above quote captures the essence of theOMparticle NFT project. How do you define “uniqueness”? What does it mean to be “special”? What makes something “rare”?

Project Phases

This graphic summarizes the phases of thisOMParticle NFT project.

Click each phase to read more about how our project unfolds over time or read the long form description by visiting the 'Project Phases' page.

Project Phases
Phase 1: OMparticle Generation Phase 0: Incubation Period Phase 2: Live-Stream and Minting Phase 3: OMparticle sneak peak Phase 4: OMparticle reveal Phase 5: Buddhabrot Reveal Phase 6: Buddhabrot Auction Phase 7: Be part of the equation

Phase 1: OMparticle Generation

A series of unique CODES will be generated using theOMparticle software.

Each CODE corresponds to one unique OMparticle, which has a value based on the number of iterations required to generate it.

On a certain date (TBD), the CODES will be used to generate theOMparticles in real-time via a live-stream.

Phase 0: Incubation Period

This is where we are now, planning our approach, writing code and designing our system and phases - and sharing ideas!

You can check out our twitter page for regular updates and information on upcoming contests @theOMparticle!

Phase 2: Live-Stream and Minting

During the live-stream, minting of the pre-reveal OMparticles will be enabled.

The minting phase will be time limited.

Phase 3: OMparticle sneak peak

OPTIONAL: A thumbnail image of your OMparticle will be revealed. This will give you an idea of which OMparticle you minted without giving away all the details.

The value of your OMparticle will be based on speculation only. The true value will be revealed in the next phase of the project.

A time limited trading period will be enabled. Again, this phase is optional and may not occur.

Phase 4: OMparticle reveal

Full sized rendering of your OMparticle (and associated metadata) will be revealed. The value of your OMparticle will also be revealed. Each OMparticle is valued in Iteration Coins (or ITCoin for short), which corresponds to the number of iterations required to generate the OMparticle. 

Shortly thereafter, software will be available to allow you to explore and colourize you OMparticle to your liking. You will be able to right-click-save your newly coloured OMparticle to use as you please.

Phase 5: Buddhabrot Reveal

In this phase of the project, software will be available that reveals the location of your OMparticle within the body Buddhabrot that was generated during the live-stream.

You will be able to right-click-save this image to use as you please.  The resolution of this image will be lower than the resolution of the final Buddhabrot. (2000×2000)

Phase 6: Buddhabrot Auction

In this phase of the project, the final Buddhabrot will be revealed. All of the OMparticles from this collection are used in the generation of the final Buddhabrot image. If you own and OMparticle, you are literally "part of the equation".

The resolution of the final Buddhabrot will be 5000×5000 pixels.

There will be 12 versions of this Buddhabrot for sale, each with different colour tones. For a time limited period, only OMparticle owners will be eligible to bid on these beautiful Buddhabrot images, after which, bidding on the remaining Buddhabrots will be open to the public.

Phase 7: Be part of the equation

Be part of the equation. Your OM Particle (and Buddhabrot) can be printed and displayed as beautiful art. Use it to help you meditate, relax, or ponder the meaning of life. And if you want to learn more about the fantastic world of fractals, join FractalWoman on her YouTube Channel as she releases regular videos about cosmology, magnetism, fractals and many other interesting subjects.

In theOMparticle NFT project, uniqueness is built into the equation, special is built into the equation, and Rarity…is built into the equation. Each OMparticle is different, unique and special. Each OMparticle is a precious jewel in the boundless treasure of the all embracing, OMni present, Fractal Buddhaverse.

Be Part of the Equation

Close up of an OMparticle

Embrace the Fractal Paradigm


This project is related to fractal geometry, fractal art, fractal cosmology and NFTs.

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