Who is FractalWoman?

FractalWoman (aka Lori Gardi) is a computer scientist and fractal artist who studies the universe from the unique perspective of the fractal paradigm. By day, she works in the field of medical imaging. By night, she gazes at the night sky wondering about the true nature of life, the Universe, and EVERYTHING.

The Mandelbrot Set

Through her independent research into the most famous fractal of all,  commonly known as The Mandelbrot Set, it became clear that the universe itself may in fact be a fractal, not unlike the Mandelbrot Fractal. This led to the penning of two papers:

The Mandelbrot Set and the Fractal Nature of Light, the Universe and Everything

The Mandelbrot Set as a Quasi-Black Hole.

The Buddhabrot rendering as featured on the front page of is an emanation of the Mandelbrot fractal. Buddhabrot (a term coined by Lori) was the KEY to unlocking the mysteries of the universe leading to the fractal cosmology presented in her body of work. The cosmology developed by FractalWoman is a wholistic approach to cosmology where the “whole” is made up of parts that are self-similar to the whole. In this manner, FractalWoman believes that complex universe that we observe should be derivable from a set of simple rules not unlike the Mandelbrot fractal.

FractalWoman invites you to join her on her journey of discovery in her quest for the answers to the mysteries of the universe.

Embrace the fractal paradigm.