Fractal Colour Therapy

Your browser doesn’t support canvas.

Your browser doesn’t support canvas.

Exploring the Mandelbrot Set

Click inside the Fractal image to Zoom In.
Click the Out button to Zoom Out.
Click Reset to reset the Mandelbrot Fractal to the original size.

Click IT ++ and IT — buttons to increase or decrease the number of iterations. If you don’t get what this means, click the IT– button a bunch of times. You will see that the details at the edge of the fractal decreasing. Clicking IT++ will increase the detail. If you zoom in a lot, you may need to use the IT++ button to get more details.

Picking Colours

Drag the mouse in the colour image below the fractal to choose your colours.
Click Next button to change the image for picking colours.
Click Clear button to clear the colour palette and start over.
Click the COL>> and COL<< buttons to cycle the colour palette. This allows you to fine tune the placement of the colours within the fractal image.

Saving your Image

Right-Click-Save or click the Save button to save your image. Then you can upload it to our Discord channel to enter the contest.