theOMparticle Background

theOMparticle is a model of the universe that identifies three distinct realms of existence InnerWorld, OuterWorld and EmmergentWorld. The realm of InnerWorld is illusive but very real. The realm of OuterWorld is what we observe or what we call “reality”. InnerWorld and OuterWorld work together (in a conjugate fashion) in the creation of EmmergentWorld.

EmergentWorld is BETWEEN InnerWorld and OuterWorld.

Here is a schematic of the three realms:

The central black region is InnerWorld. The outer gradient region is OuterWorld. The bright fuzzy boundary BETWEEN InnerWorld and OuterWorld is EmergentWorld. This is where “things” emerge. This is where life, the Universe and everything observable, can be found. 

This is an EventHorizon in the truest sense of the term. We ARE the EventHorizon of the incommensurate principles of InnerWorld and OuterWorld

The Principle of Incommensurability