Project Phases

In theOMparticle NFT project, a series of art pieces called OMparticles will be generated, each with its own unique pattern and texture. Each OMparticle is guaranteed to be different, unique and special. Some OMparticles are more detailed than others. Some OMparticles are prettier than others. Some OMparticles are more valuable than others. The value of each OMparticle is based on the number of iterations required to generate the image. OMparticles with a high iteration counts are considered more RARE.

All of these details are an important part of this project, which will be rolled out in phases. Read on to learn more about the phases as summarised in the image map.


Phase 1: Generation Process

  • A series of unique CODES will be generated using theOMparticle software developed by FractalWoman. Each CODE corresponds to one OMparticle. Each OMparticle has a certain value based on the number of iterations required to generate it. Each OMparticle is different, unique and special.
  • On a certain date (TBD), the CODES will be used to generate theOMparticles in real-time via a live-stream and/or live venue. This will give the audience a chance to see what theOMparticles from the collection will look like prior to minting. This process will happen very quickly, so don’t blink.
  • Also during the live-stream, you will see the Buddhabrot slowly emerge as theOMparticles are being generated. Each OMparticle is an important piece of the Buddhabrot puzzle.

Phase 2: Live Stream and Minting

  • During the live-stream, the pre-reveal minting of the OMparticles will be enabled.
  • The minting phase will be time limited.
  • These OMparticles are the ticket into the Buddhabrot auction phase of the project. 

Phase 3: theOMparticle sneak peek : OPTIONAL

  • A thumbnail image of your OMparticle will be revealed.
  • This will give you an idea of which OMparticle you minted without giving away all the details.
  • The value of your OMparticle will be based on speculation only. The true value will be revealed in the next phase of the project.
  • A time limited trading period will be enabled.

Phase 4: theOMparticle Reveal

  • The full sized version of your OMparticle will be revealed.
  • The value of your OMparticle will also be revealed in Iteration Coins (ITCoins).
  • Shortly thereafter, software will be enabled to allow OMparticle owners to explore them and customise them with colours of their choosing.

Phase 5: Buddhabrot Initial Reveal

Buddhabrot is made up of thousands of OMparticles, each of which is generated via an iterative feedback process.

  • In this phase of the project, software will be enabled to reveal the location of your OMparticle within the body Buddhabrot that was generated during the live-stream.
  • You will be able to right-click-save this image to have a record of where your OMparticle “lives” in the fractal Buddhaverse.
  • The resolution of this image will be lower than the resolution of the final Buddhabrot.

Phase 6: Final Buddhabrot Reveal and Auction

  • The final Buddhabrot generated during the live-stream will be revealed.
  • Resolution of the final Buddhabrot will be 5000×5000 pixels.
  • You will be able to explore the Buddhabrot in greater detail to see all the beautiful treasures making up the Buddhabrot body.
  • There will be 12 versions of this Buddhabrot for sale, each with different colour tones.

Phase 7: Be part of the equation

Be part of the equation. Your OM Particle (and Buddhabrot) can be printed and displayed as beautiful art. Use it to help you meditate, relax, or ponder the meaning of life. And if you want to learn more about the fantastic world of fractals, join FractalWoman on her YouTube Channel as she releases regular videos about cosmology, magnetism, fractals and many other interesting subjects.

An interesting discovery made by Fractal Woman is that OMparticles tend to look a lot like cosmological objects such as planetary nebula, galaxies and galaxy clusters. Top row, left to right: Cartwheel Galaxy, Stingray Nebula, Cat’s Eye Nebula, NGC 5315, Einstein Cross. Bottom Bottom Row: OMParticles.

Coming soon…to the ether near you.