OMparticles are a form of computer generated art based on the famous Buddhabrot fractal. Buddhabrot was discovered by Melinda Green and popularised by Lori Gardi a.k.a. FractalWoman who coined the term Buddhabrot due to its striking resemblance to a seated Buddha figure.


Buddhabrot is made up of thousands of OMparticle each of which is generated via an iterative feedback process. An interesting discovery made by Gardi is that OMparticles tend to look a lot like cosmological objects such as planetary nebula, galaxies and galaxy clusters.

Top row, left to right: Cartwheel Galaxy, Stingray Nebula, Cat’s Eye Nebula, NGC 5315, Einstein Cross Bottom Bottom Row: OMParticles.
OMparticle Cluster

Why does the universe look the way it does? Why does matter in the universe clump together in the patterns (fractal patterns) that we observe? That is the multi-million dollar question cosmologists have been trying to answer since the discovery of the telescope. Gardi believes the answer to these questions lies the images you will see and explore in theOMparticle NFT project.

NFT Project

In theOMparticle NFT project, a series of OMparticles will be generated, each with its own unique pattern and texture.

Each OMparticle is guaranteed to be different, unique and special. Some OMparticles are more detailed than others. Some OMparticles are prettier than others. Some OMparticles are more valuable than others. The value of each OMparticle is based on the number of iterations required to generate the image. OMparticles with a high iteration counts are considered more RARE.

The OMparticle owners will be able to explore them and customise them with colours of their choosing. Once the final OMparticles are minted, the owners will be eligible to participate the next phase of the project. In this phase, we reveal the Fractal Buddhaverse (Buddhabrot) that was generated using ALL the OMparticles from the collection. Each OMparticle plays an important role in the creation and generation of the Fractal Buddhaverse. The owners may even be eligible to receive  royalties in this phase of the project. More details to be announced soon.

Be part of the equation. Get your OMparticle now (well, not now, but soon.)

Coming soon…to an Ether near you.

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